Turning the odds in your favour has NEVER been this easy!

Our Scandalous Secret To Crushing The Odds So Effortlessly ''It's Like Performance Enhancing Drugs For Your Bottom Line!"

Tap into our newest private profit powder keg and watch over our shoulder as we reveal the 'insider's edge' that will explode your profits and gain you a spot in the 'winner's circle!

Some people will do anything to win.

The controversy surrounding Lance Armstrong is a perfect example…

Not so long ago, he was doing pretty well for himself.

In fact, during his years heralded as the best Tour de France athlete ever, he was responsible for a pretty remarkable string of victories!

But today, his winning legacy – and his future in the sport – is now forever tarnished with scandal for testing positive for steroids.

It's perhaps the biggest doping scandal in sporting history.

Drawing outrage from the cycling community, sports fans, and making headlines around the globe!

Now Lance spends his time trying to get his lifetime ban overturned.

But surely, he knew the consequences of his actions?

What was he thinking??

Was it worth the risk to his future – and the integrity of the sport – to win … At any cost?

Unlike some people …  

We don’t have to break the rules to beat the odds. 


Hell, we beat ‘em every day.

And when you hear what we have to share with you today, you’ll realise that you can too.

Testimonial for the Winning Streak

Hi, we’re the FSP Sports Desk.

Today, we want to share with you our own “unfair advantage”…

…An honest crack at an insider’s edge that’s so effective – it’s nothing less than performance enhancing drugs for your own bottom line profits!

See, if you’ve spent any time in the online betting space, you might have come across a number of our winning tips …

Like the time we recently tipped Germany and Poland's soccer teams to win. Or even when we tipped the Houston Texans and Green Bay Packers to win their NFL matches on the 7th of January. And our successful prediction of Mexico getting the better of Russia in June 2017.

And just this Month we predicted Jared Gordon and Tim Means to win, turning R1,000 into R2,380.

The list really does go on.

So you must understand that what we’re about to reveal must be nothing less than an all-out game-changer.

And if you’re up for it, a reserved spot is waiting for you right here in the winner’s circle.

Our winning system will tip the odds in your favour…

Before we tell you more details, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves.

For several reasons – including the vast number of bookies who hate our guts because we cut their profits in half! (I can’t tell you our real names)

We're the FSP Sports Desk and our job is to watch YOUR favourite sports on our big screen TV and cash in on them over and over again.

And it pays out at least 60% of the time.

That’s right! For every three bets we place, we’re pocketing cash on at least two of them… And you could be too!


It’s all about tipping the odds in your favour with consistently profitable sports betting.

You see, most people treat sports betting like it’s supposed to be a hit-and-miss affair. They follow their emotions and get sucked in by what the media says about their favourite sports team.

And they lose big time!

But every week my partner and I, send betting tips via email and SMS, on certain sporting events, so our members can bank steady, growing returns on your favourite sports.

And we do it through a service called The Winning Streak.

The Winning Streak is a sports betting and tipping service dedicated to helping ordinary South Africans bank serious money from the sport’s world in just 10 minutes a week!

And did I mention all of these gains are completely tax-free?

You see, the profits we make fall into a special loophole SARS hasn’t yet found a way to fill. And that means more money in your pocket.

What people say about the Winning Streak

  They say it’s almost like cheating. 

By profession, we spend hours and hours each day dealing with facts, figures, ratios and odds. We’re heavily involved in the financial markets and have built our careers by making the numbers work for us… Getting the exact specifications we’re looking for and making sure the timing is perfect… You could say numbers are in our blood.

But the truth is, it’s boring work. So to keep ourselves from getting knackered, we sometimes take a break and use our numbers skills to work out the odds and offers on other more exciting things… Just for fun.

We started calling the odds on sports…

No high stakes … No arbs.

Just a quick way to pass the time and make some decent cash in the process.

But then we started to notice something strange…

It seems the “decent cash” we were making with these “fun” offers …

… Was actually starting to add up.

A little at a time …

R230 … R250 … R300 …

Even some higher winnings started creeping in … R560 … R640…

… And this was pure profit!

So we started focusing on these “low stakes” gems…

Before we knew it, we added up our little “side project,” and realised we were consistently making profits of over R1,000 in a weekend – just by running down these low-risk overlooked bonuses we’d been playing with just for fun!

If that wasn’t enough, we soon stumbled on another way to help our system nearly double our profit … A secret sauce so well-hidden, we’d never dreamed it could be so lucrative or so easy to exploit! (We’ll explain more later …)

These overlooked offers were like little firecrackers packed with explosive profits… Pure, concentrated, maximum yield.

We knew we were onto something big… And we knew with odds this good there was room for more people to profit. So we began sharing some of the profit packed bets we’d found using our service, The Winning Streak …

Cash being made live and in person…

To share this with our members, we realised we’d literally have to invite them into our office and show them first-hand how to cash in on these low-stakes profit maximisers.

We needed to do something different … We had to uncover an entirely new way of bringing this to our tribe.

Something that would allow us to get these specific bets to you fast enough that they wouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to profit – as we uncovered these gems on the fly

Look, we don’t like house guests … But …

…These numbers were simply too big to ignore

How could we reach out – take you by the hand and sit you down at our desks...

Allow you to look over our shoulder and see the winners we’ve found…

Show you what to do and when to do it, in order to maximise your profits to the fullest potential …

… Literally offering you total access to our calculated winners

… And personally guide you to your first R1,000 payoff?!

Well, our office is a mess … And we do need our personal space …

… But after a few weeks of planning and preparation, we finally found the answer!

We’d come to you to give you the insider’s edge.

The Winning Streak Advantage

What we’re offering is something that has never been done before in the South African betting world.

The Winning Streak is your new “unfair advantage.”

Designed to offer unprecedented access to the rewards from every betting tool we personally use to generate low-risk, tax-free profits of up to R1000 or more per WEEKEND – in our spare time!

It’s virtually like watching over our shoulder as we guide you through the process of making your first R1,000 profit

… Using our incredible system that has already allowed some of our members to more than double their money in just a matter of weeks!! This new ‘specialised bet’ has been overlooked by every other so-called “insider” because they can’t get it right … We’ve cracked the code, and we’re going to let you in on the secret!

Here’s how it works…

When you join as a member of The Winning Streak, you’ll be added to our private mailing list.

Now I must warn you, the number of names we’ll place on this list is strictly limited.

Unfortunately this is not by choice but by necessity. You see, if too many people receive and start placing our top bets, the bookies will catch on and know something is up.

And that’ll see them move the odds.

Once you’re signed up, you’ll start receiving our specially screened bets via email. And just to make sure you don’t miss out while you’re not at your computer, we’ll even SMS you the details of the bet. That way you can be quick on the draw and get into the bets fast. – It’s as good as us coming up to you and telling you where to bet.

Then all you need to do is place the bet – don’t worry if you don’t know how to do this, we’ll explain everything – sit back and wait for your tax free winnings to come rolling in.

It’s really just this simple. Sign up and see for yourself!

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

Here’s what you get

The information we’ll SMS you every week could be worth up to an extra R5,000 to R10,000 a month!

And that’s not all you’ll get with your membership to The Winning Streak.

You’ll also get:

Our risk-free 30 day guarantee – If for any reason you’re not 100% elated with the profits you’ve made – and the support you’ve received – let us know at any time in the first 30 days, and we’ll refund every single cent of your purchase – no questions asked.

We’ve been using these ‘special’ bets to make multiple profits every week – we know they work … We guarantee it

A risk-free offer to making cash on-demand?

If it were any easier, it’d be cheating.

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

But before you get too excited...

There’s a few things you need to know about The Winning Streak.

It’s not for everyone.

The secret sauce behind The Winning Streak is our profitable sports betting strategy

With it you’ll cash in by simply following the bonuses and offers we’ve already pre-screened inside The Winning Streak HQ – and the regular updates we send via email.

But for the real juice to kick in, you’re going to want to maximise your profit potential by following every single one of our tips – this is where the real magic starts to happen.

This is a brand new opportunity to skyrocket your winnings with a completely new income stream!

I don’t make the rules … I just exploit them.

So if you’re interested in making fast, tax-free pay-outs, it’s time to tip the odds in your favour!

Now let’s get ready for some action …

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

What you can expect…

For all our tips we’ll take you through step by step how to put yourself in the profit seat.

We’ll send you an SMS that looks something like this and a follow up email to explain everything.

Bet: MB
Outcome to win: Gordon & Means
Bookie: WSB
Stake: 1 point
Odds: 69/50
Ends: 25 June 2017 @ 23h30
See mail

We’ll show you what to bet on… How much to risk… And how to manage your betting money so you can turn this fun hobby into a serious stream of income.

We’re expecting ALL the open places to be snapped up fast!

It looks like you’ve timed it just about right to join The Winning Streak!

If you want to start making money every week from our legwork, we’ll be frank: You couldn’t have picked a better time

We’re only looking for serious individuals who fancy making big profits from sports betting. We’ll help those people make R1,000 or more EVERY WEEK even if they’ve never placed a bet before in their life.

If this sounds exciting to you, we need to hear from you quickly... But we also need you to keep a lid on it!

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

We need your assurance that this will be between us.

Remember - the more people that try to bet with us, the more difficult it will be to get in at the prices we find... And the easier it will be for the bookies to notice something's wrong. If you're with us, we expect complete discretion.

We’re pretty sure that once you start seeing the money come in you'll be happy to keep this under your hat; that's all we ask: Make as much cash as you want, just don't go blabbing about how you did it!

Previous Winning Steak winners

  Limited-Time Discount – Next 30 days Only!! 

Our products pay for themselves – usually within the first week or two of your purchase.

But I don’t want you to have any reservations about how special The Winning Streak is… It’s an exciting concept unlike anything else being offered in the marketplace And we want you to get in on the action as quickly as possible.

So if you’re quick on the draw, you can get The Winning Streak for the next 30 days with our limited 27% discount (Normally R370, today R270 per month) – that’s another R100 you can add to your bottom line today!

30 days from now, will you look at yourself and know that you took decisive action when you had the chance?

… Grabbing that “unfair advantage” that so many others search for in vain … Easily – and honestly – maximising your income and setting yourself up for a pattern of winning

… Day after day

… Week after week?…

Will you find yourself – as we did – adding up each and every rand and wondering how you became so flush with cash with such little effort?

Or will you end up kicking yourself… Leaving this page, only to return later and discover your discount is expired …

… Or worse – returning only to discover The Winning Streak has reached the maximum sustainable membership – and the “TRY IT NOW” button replaced with a big fat CLOSED sign instead!

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

When fools get caught breaking rules… They end up paying the price.

But we’re all after one thing here – we’re all chasing that same rabbit …

An insider’s edge … A guaranteed “fix” in the game.

With The Winning Streak, your unfair advantage is waiting for you in every offer, in every bonus – every time you place a bet … The deck is stacked in your favour.

Start right now, and make your first R1,000 while you watch your favourite sport.

It’s time to enter the winners circle…

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

We’re all in here … Waiting for you … And winning.

If you’re ready to win, you know where to find us.

We’ll see you inside …

The FSP Sports Desk  

PS:   Remember – You have absolutely nothing to lose.

We’re confidently offering our 30 day money back guarantee for one reason – and one reason alone:

You would have to be daft to walk away from a golden goose like The Winning Streak.

When people get a taste of winning with an insider’s advantage, the idea of going at it without an edge becomes unthinkable.

If you want, you can even join today and simply follow our tips without betting any money, just to see how good our tips really are… Without risking a cent.

But if The Winning Streak makes you nervous … If you become paranoid and start thinking to yourself …“Winning shouldn’t be this simple…” Then you have 30 days to let us know, and we’ll refund every bit of your purchase.

There’s simply zero risk to joining right now.

 PPS: Remember – to get you started today, we’re offering a limited R100 discount off the official price of R370 for the next 30 days – we’re probably crazy for doing so.
And you won’t ever find us offering another deal like this – period.

So before that deal expires – or before demand requires us to lock the doors for the next 12 months on this offer – you’ll want to get in the game today.

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

Act now, or risk missing out on this golden opportunity forever.

The choice, as always, is yours.

What past winners said

  Sign Me Up Straight Away!

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